Organisation Tips | How I Stay Organised

I’ve never pinned myself as a blogger that deserves to give tips, I’m still trying to figure out how to grow my blog myself and I read countless posts that other bloggers write to get some help and ideas. I just don’t think I know enough about how to grow and maximise your blog just yet, but one thing I am good at is organisation. I often get referred to as Monica from Friends and Brent always laughs when I ask for a label maker…he thinks I’m joking!? I recently posted a picture on my Instagram of myself blogging and what not and had a few comments saying how organised I was and then a lovely lady asked me to write a post on how and what I do to keep organised. So…here you go!



As silly as it sounds, for me pretty stationary automatically means I will stay organised as I love to write and doodle in my pretty notepads. Everyone went crackers for the Martha Stewart notebooks/journals from Staples (the blue journal) I can’t find them online anymore but I know they are still in-store. It’s so big which means there’s plenty of room and also, looks great in blog photographs too.

The mini “Notes” Notebook is a recent purchase from Tesco for £3.00 and it’s really handy, it’s also pretty.



Ideas Notebook  – I use the small notebook for post ideas and reminders. Once I have done the bullet point, I cross it off so I can clearly see that it’s either been done or scrapped. Because it’s so small, this is great for carrying around with me for any ideas that pop in my head during the day.

Finalised Notebook – This is the big blue notebook that I use. I use it for only posts that I am planning to write up, if I do change my mind, I cross it off, however I try to stick to my original ideas.

In this notebook, I section it into four columns. These are –

  • The title of the blog post.
  • Pictures edited.
  • Post written.
  • Post uploaded.

This way I can clearly keep track of what I have and haven’t done for each post. I simply tick it off as I go. For a PR product, I jot down next to the title to remind myself.


At the back of the big blue notebook, I also write all the information down regarding PR samplesguest posts and sponsored posts.

PR samples –  I write down the name of the person who contacted me, their email address, the name of the products, when they arrived and when I reviewed them. This lets me know when a product is fully completed and I don’t need to worry about it anymore.

Sponsored posts – The details of the person who contacted me along with a section where I can write the date that I uploaded the post.

Guest posts – This is similar to the above, just information about the person I am guest blogging for, and a date I sent the email with the post in.


On my laptop, I have a folder named BLOG. Each blog post I write has it’s own folder and inside the BLOG folder I have more folders with the following categories –

  • Done  – For all the blog posts that are completed.
  • Edit – All the pictures for new posts that I need to edit.
  • PR – All PR products go into this folder so they aren’t lost.
  • To Write – All the posts that I want to write but are still testing out/haven’t used yet.
  • Upload – Once a post is written in draft on blogger, I move the folder here.
  • To Write Soon – This is for posts that I need to get up as soon as possible.

If you weren’t bored of the word folder you definitely are now! I really hope you have found this post helpfully and not confusing. I tried to write it as simply as possible as I get confused so easily myself but this is everything I do for my blogging organisation.

What are your best tips for staying organised?