Revlon Photoready & L’oréal Lumi Magique | Reviews

As you probably know, I have a huge love for foundation. Recently, my sister Viv – Pharmacy Girl mentioned that she had a couple of foundations that were too dark for her, this obviously ended up into one of our swaps where unwanted make-up goes to a loving home. I gave her 2 Bourjois glossy sticks and she gave me two foundations that I have wanted to try for so long! I’ve been using these both like crazy recently and wanted to share my thoughts on them.


Revlon Photoready

I’ve always heard that this was a great foundation but after seeing Kayleigh from Couture Girl wearing it in an Instagram snap, I had to try it. After the first use I was blown away. My complexion was instantly smoothed out and my skin tone was really even. Blending is really easy, it doesn’t appear patchy and stayed put all day. I just love the coverage of this foundation, how smooth and even my skin looks, it’s just brilliant. Luckily this foundation shade suited me before and after I got a tan. My face didn’t really tan too much in Morocco purely because I slap so much SPF on but at least I can wear this foundation whenever I want. Having dry dull skin, I crave the dewy complexion and this foundation gives me just that, it’s gone straight to my best drug-store foundation list.

L’oréal Lumi Magique

Having dry skin, things can look a little lacklustre every now and again. Products with light infusing properties always grab my attention and this foundation was on my list for a while now. This foundation matches me perfectly with my subtle tan but sadly it’s slightly too orange for me when I don’t have a tan. Tan or not, this foundation is just as lovely as the Revlon one. It blends in really nicely leaving a natural healthy glow to the skin. My skin looks lovely and illuminated without looking too dewy or oily.

Both foundations sit wonderfully on my dry skin, I never notice any dry patches when I wear them. They both also have incredible wear time, both staying flawless all day long without any touch ups needed. If you would like a more in-depth review on either foundation, let me know below.

Have you tried either of these foundations?