August Favourites 2014

August has flown by, I don’t where it went. One minute I had over a month until my holiday, and now it’s next week, I can’t believe it! This month I don’t have many favourites to share as I have been using the same products over and over. However, this month includes a fashion item which hasn’t happened in a while.

Nike Pro 3″ shorts – I’ve been working out a lot recently, mainly because my holiday is coming up and I want to be bikini ready but also because I want to look after myself more. I get really motivated when I have nice workout gear that I feel good in. I’ve been obsessing over Nike sportswear and trainers recently (I never thought I’d say that!) These shorts are the 3″ black tiger printed ones and when they arrived they looked tiny! But once they were on, they fitted perfectly and didn’t move around whilst I worked out. Super comfortable and I can’t wait to get more.

Pixi Natural Brow Duo | full review – I posted a full review last week on this product and I am so in love with it. It creates soft natural looking brows that stay in place all day and the formula is also water resistant. I couldn’t ask for anything more, I just love the brows that it creates.

Maybelline The Erase Eye concealer I have a bit of a gripe with this as it’s a twist up product. You twist the top and the product comes out into the sponge and then you apply it. Well, the twisting action on mine is broken, it no longer works, it just keeps going round and round. I rang Boots and they said I can exchange it no problem, however, they never ever have it in stock. I was lucky to nab this one! I don’t really know what to do as it’s a great product and I want to continue using it, but I just can’t get anything out and I can’t get the lid off. It covers my dark circles perfectly and doesn’t crease under the eyes. I think I may even prefer it to my beloved Rimmel Match Perfection concealer but I’m not happy that it’s broken already.

Maybelline The Rocket mascarafull review – I included this product in a “products worth mentioning” post a while back but had to include it again as I’ve been using this mascara none-stop. I have really stubborn lashes that don’t like to hold a curl but because this is a waterproof version, it keeps my lashes curled and voluminous all day long. It also doesn’t budge with any tears. Although it’s waterproof and stays put, I find that it’s still quite easy to remove which is great.

Avené Cleanance – This is actually for oily blemish-prone skin but it’s been working wonders on my dry skin without drying it out further. Once I have removed my make-up, I use this instead of a micellar water and it’s great for removing the last dregs of make-up that are clinging on. I have found that since I started using this, my breakouts haven’t been as bad as they used to be. I will definitely be repurchasing this once I’ve finished it.

Which products have you been enjoying this month?