Triangl Tilly Sunburst Dupe

Please be aware that since first writing this post 2 years ago the links are now broken as the store isn’t available anymore. I have tried to find alternatives but without ordering and seeing a product in person, it’s hard to test whether it is a genuine dupe or not and I don’t want to just link any shop.

AliExpress do produce great dupes of the Triangl bikini’s but like myself it’s just a gamble as to whether you’ll find a good dupe. Good luck!


I will be the first to admit that I get sucked into hypes, if I like the look of it and people are raving, I’m already tapping away at the keyboard with my card number before I’ve even finished reading the post. I think it’s safe to say that Triangl bikinis have taken the blogging world by storm. Loads of people have them, and lots of others want them with only a select few I’ve seen aren’t interested.

Well, why all the hype I hear you ask? To me, it has to be the beautiful colours and the simplicity of the designs. Being neoprene material (wet-suit material) they look as if they fit perfectly and give small boobed gals a bit of a boost. I also love how you can buy the tops and bottoms separately as I always have trouble with sizing when I buy sets.

I was going to buy a Triangl bikini but every single time I went to buy it, my size was out of stock. After 3 attempts at trying to buy it from Triangl, I took it upon myself to search for a dupe. The set I was after was this beautiful one called Tilly Sunburst on Triangl’s website. After an epic eBay fail – seriously, it went straight in the bin, I didn’t even try it on, I sat up for almost 2 hours one night searching the best places that were recommended, I found one that seemed legit and took the plunge….

2 Triangl DupePIN IT!

Like the Triangl bikini’s, it comes in it’s own bag and each item wrapped separately. I love this as I will be using the bag to store the bikini in to stop it from getting creased. The shop that I used is Brakinis and so this is labelled all over the bags.

3 Triangl DupePIN IT! 4 Triangl DupePIN IT! 5 Triangl DupePIN IT! 6 Triangl DupePIN IT!7 Triangl DupePIN IT! 8 Triangl DupePIN IT!

From all the Triangl review posts and videos watched, the only difference I can see is that there’s Brakinis labels instead of Triangl. The label on the front of the bikini is so small it’s hardly visible and the other two are tucked into the garments.

Also, these don’t have adjustable straps and there isn’t a clasp on the back of the bra to help put it on. The Triangl ones feature a clasp but it’s not difficult putting it on or taking it off without one.

9 Triangl DupePIN IT!

Overall what do I think? I was super nervous when it arrived this morning, I didn’t want it to be another fail but I couldn’t be happier! The coral colour is seriously bright and gorgeous and there doesn’t seem to be a stitch out of place, it’s brilliant quality! It fits perfectly. The top just about fits my little breasts inside but I love how it doesn’t make me look flat chested, it gives me some shape. The bottoms do have a tiny crease in but you can iron these inside out which is what I will do.


I bought this bikini from this Ali Express site. You can buy the bikini’s as separates or together. Together works out slightly cheaper I think but I paid the little bit extra and bought them separately and I’m so glad I did. Also, they have so many different styles and also some other colours that are exclusive to them which are so pretty.


I am a 6-8 on top and so I chose the XS for the top. This fits fabulously although any bigger I would have given serious nipple action to fellow holiday makers. I’m a size 8-10 depending on where I shop for my jeans, therefore bought a size M for the bottom. These fit perfectly! I did a lot of measuring of myself to check I had the correct sizes.


For this as a set, it would cost £22.87. To buy them separately it would cost £15.04 for the top and £12.04 for the bottoms which is a total of £27.08 which isn’t a huge difference. They do have 5% off quite a lot which they were offering at the time I bought it and so I paid £26.72.


Shipping is free if you don’t mind waiting 15-29 days. You can buy faster shipping but then you get into about £25 for that alone. I went for free shipping and it actually arrived in 9 working days. I can’t believe it, so quick!


Price at Tringl would have been $79/£46.82 with $20/£11.85 shipping charge = $99/£58.67

I saved a whopping £31.95.

You’re either going to love me as you can now buy a gorgeous Triangl bikini dupe or you’re going to hate me because you have already splashed the cash on the brand. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. I really think that Triangl overcharge by a lot and it’s not fair, I’m so glad I found this site instead. Let me know down below if you will be buying yourself a dupe.