Grand Central | Dinner

On Saturday night, Brent, my brother, cousin and I all went for a little (more like large) meal at a restaurant called Grand Central. It’s an American style diner a couple of towns over. I’ve been there before but didn’t have the best experience, I found a hair buried inside my burger but they apologised and didn’t charge me for the main meal. However, I still knew that I wanted to go back as the food was amazing. Great prices for a huge amount of food, it’s definitely worth the 30 minute drive.

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For starter I had four BBQ chicken wings which came with a tiny little salad. I gave one to my brother as I knew I wouldn’t finish my main if I ate all four. These were amazing, I love chicken wings with any sauce on and these have to be the best I’ve ever had. I also had a chocolate cookie milkshake which was the bees’knees. It tastes just like my beloved Mocha Cookie Crumble shake from Starbucks, but without the coffee. I also had two strawberry ice teas which were so yummy, the second one was warm to start with but after letting the ice sit in there, it was nice and cold.

For main I had this enormous burger called the Times Square burger, it had cheesy nachos inside along with the normal contents of a burger. The best bit about this main though was definitely the sweet potato fries. I’ve never had them before but I think these were glazed with honey (if not I don’t know it was) and were incredible! I managed to eat half the fries and a quarter of the burger before I admitted defeat. However, being the cool kid I am, I asked for take-out boxes and enjoyed the rest the next morning for lunch.

I have to say, this was the best meal I’ve had since my Valentine’s Day meal with Brent. We had the best waitress, she was so lovely and pleasant, the best service I’ve ever had in a restaurant but I didn’t get her name!

If you live near Basildon then I definitely recommend having a dinner at Grand Central, it’s amazing. I think they are opening another restaurant in Cambridge so definitely head on over there, you won’t be disappointed. Next on our list is TGI Friday’s, I’ve never been there and I can’t wait for some Jack Daniel covered ribs!

What’s your favourite restaurant? Any recommendations, leave below!