Products Worth Mentioning #2

Although I only posted my monthly favourites a couple of days ago, these are the items that I have used for a few months and have absolutely loved and used non-stop. Two have actually been in favourites posts in the past but wanted to touch on them again and share with you why I love them.

Garnier Body Oil Beauty Nourishing Scrub I’ve nearly finished this up, I have about a 1/3 left and I will most definitely be repurchasing it. This is the perfect scrub for in the shower. Some aren’t abrasive enough, some are like rubbing sand paper all over your body – ew! But this one is just lovely. The oil infused formula leaves the skin feeling extremely smooth and soft and the scent is incredible! I can’t even describe it, the almond, macadamia, argan and rose oils are a fab mix, let me tell you that! It refreshes your dry dull skin and leaves you feeling fabulously smooth and beach ready.

Clinique Redness Solutions Primer I’m toying with the idea of writing a full review on this product as it is fab for redness, it really does what it says on the tube. It eliminates redness and prolongs the life of my make-up too. I tend to suffer with redness on my cheeks and chin, but once this is applied, my skin tone is a lot more even and less red. Foundation definitely stays put for a lot longer as well. A little goes a long way and therefore, this tube will last a long time!

Burt’s Bee’s Lemon Cuticle Cream This little tin of cuticle cream is the best cuticle cream I have ever used and I’ve used a lot. My nail beds tend to get a bit ratty looking and dry sometimes but this stuff works instantly. Once applied and soaked in, the nails instantly feel soothed and moisturised. It also smells just like fresh lemons, it’s refreshing and just so good! I apply this every night (when I remember) and my nails are a lot healthier now. If there’s one nail product to splash out on (£5.99) this is the product to get.

Which products do you think deserve more hype?