Perricone MD | First Impressions

I don’t know about you but I love discovering new brands or having ones I haven’t heard of brought to my attention. I have written about Perricone MD products before and thought I would share a quick round-up post with some first impressions for you all. Dr Perricone is a certified dermatologist and although his prices are very expensive, he has a huge variety of products for all ages and skin-types and he knows what he’s doing. A lovely luxurious high-end brand, I will be writing full reviews on these products soon but I am still in the testing out stage at the moment. Here are my initial thoughts…

No Foundation Foundation SPF 30* – £48.00 | link – My initial reaction was “Oh my this is orange” but once it was blended in a lot, the orange toned down a bit. There’s still a orange hue on my skin but it might work better once I have a little bit of a tan. I have noticed that it seems to sting a bit around my nose area, but that could just be because I have some serious breakouts there at the moment so I will try it out more once I have clearer skin, if that happens. I’m still not sure what I think about this, definitely more testing to come. I do love that it has SPF 30 in, that’s brilliant for Summer and for my holiday later this year.

Intensive Pore Minimizer* – £49.50 | link   I have written a full review on this product before which you can read here and I do really really like this product. I mentioned how my pores were a little less noticeable after using it for a month continuously. Being 24, I haven’t noticed any difference in the firmness of my skin but that doesn’t bother me and I love how it doesn’t dry out my already dry skin. I have just finished this product now as I was trying to saver it. This makes me very sad as I will not be able to replace it any time soon *sad face.*

Face Finishing Moisturiser* – £57.00 | link  I’ve used this a couple of times and whenever I have, my make-up doesn’t seem to stay on very well. I can’t put it down to the moisturiser 100% as I have been using a different foundation recently but I will keep testing it out. I do love how it feels on my skin though, makes it really soft so if it is this causing my make-up to slip, at least I can use it as a night cream instead. It has Alpha Lipoic Acid in which reduces fine-lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores. I don’t have any fine-lines as of yet but I will be keeping note on my pore size.

Photo Plasma* – £57.00 | link – I haven’t actually tried this one yet as I’ve been testing the one above out so far. This oil-free moisturiser contains SPF 30 which makes it perfect for summer time. I currently don’t own a moisturiser with SPF in, and foundations only have a little in, SPF 10 and less just isn’t enough. It’s said to be light-weight and leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. There is a warning about a tingling/warming sensation on the skin and to watch out for reactions, it recommends to do a spot test first so that scares me, quite a bit actually, but I shall do it and see how it works for me. If anyone has used this one, please let me know in a comment how you got on.

Have you used any Perricone MD products?


*PR sample