Behind-the-Scene’s at Pineapple Dancewear Photoshoot

Growing up, I did a lot of dancing. From the age of 3 until I was 16 I danced my way around numerous studios and stages and carried it on from 16-18 at a full-time performing arts school. I loved Pineapple Dancewear back then and still do now. If someone had said that I would be asked to go blog for them in a few years time, I would have laughed in their faces. It was a crazy day and I am so happy I went.

I was asked if I would like to go to Pineapple Studios to document one of their photoshoots and Tuesday was the day. I was super nervous, I always am when I meet new people but everyone was really lovely. When I arrived, I was shown around the building by Caleb, (PR department) and I never realised just how big the place was. I’ve been to the studio before when I was 18 for an audition but that’s it, I didn’t even get a chance to look around but there’s so many different studios.

The purpose of my visit wasn’t to swoon over the place – well, partly, but I was there to sit in on a photoshoot. Pineapple are currently working on a new website and therefore, photographing every item in their store and their new collection. The website should be launching in October time but most of the items are available in-store or online already, with the exception of the new items. You don’t have to be a dancer to wear the clothes, they are fab for working out or just as comfy clothes. I personally love wearing them for Yoga.

3PIN IT! 4PIN IT! 5PIN IT!After make-up and hair was sorted, a few test shots were taken. This was to ensure the lighting was correct, the make-up looked okay and the hair looked right. They actually swapped the hair up to a messy side bun which looked really lovely. The outfits were sorted into order and then the photoshoot got under-way.

6PIN IT! 7PIN IT! 8PIN IT! 10PIN IT! 11PIN IT! 12PIN IT! 13PIN IT! 14PIN IT! 15PIN IT!The model was incredible. I’ve never seen a model in action before and she was so good. She knew exactly what she was doing and the clothing looked perfect on her. Her movements showed of the items really well and it’s safe to say I want to own everything she was modelling. I thought I would show you some of the snaps I managed to get and also the items that you can get hold of for yourself so here you go, prepare to swoon…

16PIN IT! 17PIN IT! 18PIN IT! 19PIN IT! 20PIN IT! 21PIN IT!I honestly love everything pictured above but my favourites are definitely the two pink jumpers. The pink jumper from the third row of pictures will be mine as soon as it’s released haha! It’s just so nice and slouchy and looks super comfortable. I also love the leggings that she modelled too, both black and grey. I wasn’t able to stay all day so this is 5 hours work. Shooting continued for the rest of the day and also the next day, so many lovely clothes!

IMG_2083PIN IT!If my day couldn’t get any better, I was then asked if I would like to choose a top and bottom item from the Pineapple Store. I was secretly squealing inside with delight. I chose the Wide Band Leggings* that the model was wearing in the shoot. They are the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn and are perfect for Yoga. I also chose the Crop Retro T-shirt* which I had actually spotted on the site recently whilst having a little look for new yoga clothes. I was also received a canvas Pineapple tote too, I love tote bags so it will come in handy!

I had such an amazing time on Tuesday and am so grateful to Caleb and the Pineapple team for having me. I look forward to seeing the new website and will keep my eye out for the new items as well!


*Gifted items