Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set

If you remember, a while ago I posted that I was lucky enough to receive the lovely Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set for my birthday from Brent. I wanted to write a full in-depth review about each brush and therefore have taken my time testing them out to get a good feel of them. This set is also available in black and also each brush can be bought separately as well as the make-up bag which can be purchased alone in Black.

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I adore the rose gold with the dark brown handle, all the writing on the brushes is rose gold as well. They look extremely expensive and luxurious but can be bought for just €58.00/£46.00. If you add each brush up separately, the set is actually worth €81.00/£65.00 and I think that’s a bargain! The case that comes with the brushes is extremely high quality and although I think it’s supposed to hold the brushes, I like to use it as a make-up bag as the brushes would make the inside dirty and I really don’t want that to happen.

Just to let you know, this post is going to be quite lengthy as there are 8 brushes in the set, and also photograph heavy.

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127 Luxe Sheer Cheek
This angled brush is made up of very soft natural bristles that applies powder really well. I like to use mine for blusher application as the angled brush is the perfect shape for my cheeks. I’ve read that someone found it didn’t pick up enough product but it worked perfectly for me. I lightly dust my blusher onto the skin and the colour is really even and blended in really well.

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106 Powder
This powder brush is softer than any Real Techniques brush, I never thought that was possible but it’s incredible. It’s made of taklon bristles and applies powder really smoothly. It doesn’t make you make-up appear cakey, it picks up just the right amount of product and doesn’t disturb the base that you’ve already applied. It’s now my go-to powder brush and I haven’t used anything but this!

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110 Face Shape
Again, this brush is made out of vegan taklon bristles and very soft, and the dome shape makes it a great shape for contouring and works well at applying the product onto the face, I then use a bigger brush or sponge to blend the product in.

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102 Silk Finish
The bristles of this brush are vegan taklon bristles also and they are extremely soft as well. If there was one brush that I would say you need, it’s this one. It applies liquid foundation like no other brush I have even used. It creates a streak free application and blends everything in seamlessly. I will never use another foundation brush again, this has knocked the Real Techniques Buffing Brush off it’s top spot for sure!

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213 Petit Crease
This tapered brush is made up of natural bristles and is perfect for applying darker shadows into the crease. It picks up just the right amount of product and also blends the shadows in really well. The shape makes it fit into the eye-socket perfectly and has been a great addition to my eye brushes. I’ve been after a brush this shape for a while now and darker eye looks have been made a lot easier. You could also use this for creating a cut-crease as the shape allows precise eyeshadow application.

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142 Concealer Buffer
Another vegan taklon bristled brush added to the family, this one is a strange size. It’s said to be used for concealer as the bristles are soft enough for the delicate eye area which I agree with, it doesn’t blend the product in perfectly so I just touch up with either my finger or a sponge.

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317 Wing Liner
I never use an angled brush for eyeliner unless I’m smudging it out, therefore I used this for my eyebrows instead. The vegan nylon bristles are very soft and apply the powdered brow products really well. I find that the firmness of the bristles is perfect and it doesn’t apply too much product at once. One thing I loved most with this brush is that I can now create a more defined line because the brush is quite thin and filling my brows in has become a lot quicker.

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227 Luxe Soft Definer
In the picture this brush does kinda resemble the infamous MAC 217 brush however this brush is more straight at the edge. The natural bristles are very soft and it’s great at blending the edges of eyeshadows. I can be sat for a long time doing the ole’ wind-screen wiper motions but it does blend harsh edges out really well. It’s nice to have two blending brush now, this and my MAC 217.

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Washing each brush has been okay, after the first wash I was told to always expect a couple of bristles to fall out with any brush that’s new but that was very very minimal with these. I do find that the vegan taklon bristles are a lot harder to wash, the product can take a while to be washed out and for the water to run clear but it doesn’t really bother me. If I was asked what I would recommend I would definitely say the 102 Silk Finish106 Powder and 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek are must haves in your collection.

Overall I am extremely impressed with this set, yes there are a couple of brushes that aren’t all that great but the majority are and it’s really made me want to try more from their line. They have quite a selection of brushes and I feel as though from now one, I will probably only ever want brushes from them.

Have you tried any Zoeva brushes? What are your thoughts on them?