Yoga Outfits | Feat. Gilly Hicks and Pineapple

Recently I have discovered a new found obsession with Yoga. I’ve always wanted to try it however classes in my area are always awkward hours and then I discovered Erin Motz and her 30 Day Yoga Challenge on YouTube and have become obsessed. Although I haven’t followed it day to day, weekends are tricky as I’m busy, I have stuck by it and carried on with it at my own pace. I thought I would share with you what I like to wear while doing my yoga workout.

2PIN IT!I like to wear tight fitting shorts as there’s no material moving around or getting in the way. The simple black pair from Pineapple fit perfectly and don’t ride up or become uncomfortable during the workout. The grey pair with yellow band are from Forever 21 and were around £5, such a great deal. They fit really well and the folded band doesn’t move with movement either. These ones are  shorter than the Pineapple ones and I like to alternate depending on my outfit. I’m looking for the 3/4 length leggings as well, I quite fancy doing a beach workout in the summer and think they would keep me a little warmer in the British “summer” weather.

3PIN IT!Sports bras are a must have for any kind of work out, whether you are small or large chested they keep everything in place and are surprisingly comfortable. The black basic one is from Pineapple and does ride up a little bit during the workout but it still keeps everything covered. The orange/coral one is from Forever 21 and has some padding in to give my flat chest a little shape. I like the racer strap detail too, adds some cuteness.

4PIN IT!Even though when I’m working out I am alone in the house, I still feel uncomfortable having my stomach out so I like to wear loose fitting thin t-shirts. The pink one is from Primark last year but I think they have similar ones this year. It’s burnout material so it’s quite thin and doesn’t make me feel hot. The other racer back t-shirt is quite old and it’s from H&M. I just like it because it’s very loose fitting. I have others that I wear that are similar to these, they are all really comfortable and let me move around easily without being restricted.

5PIN IT! 6PIN IT!My favourite outfit to wear is the above, the bounce bra is so cute I just love it. It’s from Gilly Hicks and I love the printed bounce bra underneath and it’s actually attached to the pink overlay which parts at the back. And on the bottom, I have the Forever 21 grey and yellow yoga shorts from above.

I find yoga so relaxing to do and although I’ve only been doing it for about a month now, my core strength has improved already and I’m slightly more flexible. I know flexibility will take longer to improve but I enjoy it so much I will continue to do it every day. I finished the 30 day Yoga Challenge a couple of days ago and have now started doing Erin Motz’s 10 day Yoga Ab challenge which is so great as well!

Have you ever tried yoga? What’s your favourite type of workout?