Collective Fashion Haul – Part 2 | Gilly Hicks, Topshop, Primark & Forever 21

I have never bought this many clothes in my life, I usually buy make-up instead but for some reason recently, new clothes is more appealing than buying food so I have for you my second collective fashion haul in 2 weeks! *Locks up purse and throws away the key* You may not know that Brent and I are off to sunny Morocco in September so most of these items are for the holiday as well. It’s never too early to start holiday shopping.

If you have missed my first Collective Fashion Haul post then feel free to click the link and make my shameless plug worth while. In the meantime, here’s what I have been buying….again!

Forever 21

If you thought I had enough crop tops in my last haul, think again (and there’s more to come!) I saw the one above online however they never had anything smaller than a large so when I saw it in store, I snapped it up quick. The colours are gorgeous and the strapping at the back is just beautiful – £7.25 amazing deal! I have also been obsessing over baggy v-neck tee’s and wish I had picked up more colours as this mint green one is so soft and comfortable and it was only £4.75 amazing.


I never really shop in Primark, if you’ve read the previous fashion haul post before you’ll know why, the people that shop in my local Primark seem very aggressive and snatchy so I loose patience really easily. I stuck it out recently and bought some knew leggings as my other ones have bitten the dust. £3.00 for the soft cotton ones, they are very comfortable and I will probably go back for a second pair, if they still have them. The second item I can’t wait to wear in Morocco and it’s the Aztec printed top with a crochet panel at the back with multiple straps. It just about fits which is lucky (I hardly ever try clothes on whilst out, I do it at home and take things back if necessary) and this was £6.00.


I hardly ever shop in Topshop, my ex used to work in there and the horror stories he would tell me about the quality put me off but every now and then I have a little peruse and I don’t think the quality is all the bad, it’s just a little out of my price range most of the time. Again with the crop top obsession, told you there were more. The grey one is extremely soft and comfortable and was a bargain at £6.00 and the stripy one has a nautical feel to it and at £10.00 I didn’t want to miss out as it will go with so many different things.

Gilly Hicks

Saying I love Gilly Hicks would be an understatement. The above and the following are all from the same brand but I’m just breaking it up to make it easier on the eyes. Again, all the items were on sale at 50% off everything, so that meant even my clearance choices had 50% off on top, wowza! You may recognise the blue t-shirt with the lace panelling from my previous haul as I bought it in green and mentioned how I wish I had picked up the blue as well, well TA DA! Beautiful lace panelling, it’s unique and I love it although this time I picked it up in a larger size and it’s even more comfortable. This was £8.50 down from £34.00. I then picked up the lovely flannel shirt for £11.00 down from £44.00 as my other flannel shirts are getting a bit boring, and they are all red haha!

The grey strap top was only £4.75 down from £19.00 and it looks lovely underneath the shirt from above. It will also be nice on holiday over a bikini. I picked up the navy floral lace underwear as well for £3.98 down from £10.00 – Psst they are now only £1.99!

I thought my bralette obsession had been kicked with the black one from my previous haul however I mentioned how Gilly Hicks have some lovely ones that I had been swooning over and I only bought this because it was 50% off. It’s a stunning bright mint green tie-dye which looks beautiful on, Brent saw it and said “Wow that’s so nice” I can’t wait to wear it in the summer, the colour will look gorgeous with a tan. £12.00 down from £24.00.

This is a very cute but very wrinkled pyjama set, very sorry about that! They are mint green with polka dots all over which you can’t really see and have lace panelling along the top and down the sides of the shorts with cross straps, so friggin’ cute! These were bought separately and both were £6.00 each down from £25.00 each however they have now sadly come off the website. I’m going to try my hardest to not wear them and save them for my holiday as the material is so light and soft I think they will be perfect for that weather.

I sadly read that Gilly Hicks UK stores will be closing down however the brand will still be available from the US site (probably £10 postage though like Hollister *angry face*) this information makes me want to wallow in my pillow with self pity. I adore the brand, same with Hollister and A&F as they are all the same brand but with different names and price tags. I tend to not buy from A&F as I find it can be a rip off and just get it cheaper from the other two. You are definitely paying for quality as I’ve had t-shirts for 4 years that are still in fab condition and there’s still so many more products that I want to buy, can you say addicted? Anyway, that’s enough from me!

What have you bought recently?