New Barry M Spring Gel Nail Paints | Review & Swatches

I can’t remember how I found out about the new Spring shades by Barry M but I knew I had to have a peek at them. I love my pastel colours and recently I’ve found myself to be in a bit of a rut with my nail polishes with none of them tickling my fancy, ever have those days? Recently for three weeks I didn’t wear any polish at all and thought it was time to add some new colours to my collection.

2PIN IT! 3PIN IT!Rose Hip is a pretty light pastel pink shade, reminds me of Milkshake by Topshop but slightly lighter. It’s a very pretty shade. Huckleberry is a pastel blue, I used to have one by Rimmel that was similar to this shade but it was quite old so I replaced it with this one. Again, it’s very pretty and probably my favourite out of the three. Finally, Sugar Apple – how cute is the name? This is a pastel green, think Essie Mint Candy Apple but slightly lighter, it’s a lovely shade and all three are utterly perfect for S/S. Like always I couldn’t choose so just painted my nails alternatively instead.

I found the formula to be a lot more gloopy with these shades compared to all the other ones I own and it took three coats to get the finish streak free. I don’t know about you but I always struggle the most with a perfect manicure when I’m using a light shade, I just find they are the hardest to work with. Once I collected my patience and let each layer dry properly, I am very happy with them, I think they look really nice. I can’t see myself wearing them a lot purely because they take so long to perfect but I do really like the colours and glad I picked them up, it took me long enough! Three separate visits to town trying in 3 different shops each time and I finally found them! Yipee! I had them on for three days before I noticed the first major chip, not amazing wear time but it’s not the worse I’ve had.

Have you bought these new shades? Which one is your favourite?