What’s In My Handbag

It’s been a while since I last uploaded a “What’s In My Handbag” post and since I have just treated myself to a new bag I thought I would share with you what I carry around with me on a day to day basis. I like my bags to be on the bigger side but this always ends up with me filling it with all kinds of unwanted crap, everything but the kitchen sink, isn’t that right ladies?

The bag is from Fiorelli, and it’s called the Kenzie Tote, it’s a gorgeous large sized tote bag in cream and black with gold hardware. As soon as I saw it I fell in love, as much as I adore my Zara City Office bag it’s just not practical with taking lunch to work in, it doesn’t fit, so this one is perfect. It has a zip closure with two large pockets inside and a zip pocket as well. So, what am I carrying around with me?

In one of the pockets I keep a mirror, my Nivea Hydro care lipbalm, a tinted lipbalm: at the moment I have Korres Jasmine and also a lip colour such as my Revlon Macaroon lip butter. I also keep a travel size hand cream, at the moment I’m using a L’occitane one that I got free with a magazine and finally my business cards in a little silver case. In the other pocket next to that I keep my headphones and my iPhone 4S. I like to keep this pocket as free as possible as I don’t want my phone to get damaged or scratched.

In the zip pocket at the back I like to keep a little notebook and pen for jotting different things down in, this varies from blog post ideas to how many hours over time I’ve done. I also keep some ibuprofen in the back too, you never know when a horrid headache will strike! I also carry around my iPhone charger as we all know how rubbish the batteries are on them, it’s not pictured as I was using it at the time.

I keep everything else in the main section of the handbag, I generally keep two magazines with me and once I’ve fully read each one, I will recycle it and replace it with a new one. If it’s not magazines, I carry a book with me instead, depends what mood I’m in. I have the usual keys, chewing gum, a hairbrush with a hairband around the handle in-case I want to tie my hair up and my purse. At the moment I’m using my Paul’s Boutique purse which my friend Hayley bought me a couple of years ago. It’s lasted so well and I still love it. I always carry around the perfume I choose to wear for that day, so today when I pictured this I was wearing Juicy Couture’s Couture La La and finally my make-up bag, which I didn’t even picture, what a muppet. I forgot to add it into the picture because I was half way through doing my make-up when I decided to do this post. I carry around a medium sized make-up bag with all the essentials for topping up with throughout the day, if you would like to see a “What’s Inside My Make-up Bag” post let me know!

That’s everything I carry around with me, now I’ve written it down it doesn’t sound as much as I thought but it still makes for a heavy bag!

What do you keep in your handbag?