Perricone MD – Intensive Pore Minimizer | Review

Like everyone I am very dubious when it comes to products that boost to minimize pores or help them appear smaller. Products I have used in the past never seem to work for me, especially primers, they just don’t do anything they say they do. When I was asked if I would like to try the Perricone MD Intensive Pore Minimizer* I did a little research on the product and saw that it has a lot of good reviews so I said yes straight away as I wanted to put it to the test myself.

Nicolas Perricone MD is a certified dermatologist and his Intensive Pore Minimizer claims to strengthen pore walls, reduce pore size, help with the build up of oils and firm the appearance of skin. Having read the oil part, I was then worried that it would make my dry skin worse however once it arrived, I read on the box that it’s suitable for all skin types. I have now used this product twice a day for a month, morning and night and now only have about a quarter of the product left.

A quick note on the packaging, the box was damaged when it arrived, completely crushed actually so I didn’t want to photograph it however I have to say the bottle of this is rather high-end and classy looking. The brown frosted glass and plain simple label really screams 1800’s pharmaceutical product to me, I love it.

So does this formula actually work for the skin? Yes and no. I haven’t noticed any change in the firmness of my skin. This may have something to do with the fact that I’m only 23 and hopefully won’t be seeing any fine lines for at least another 10 years – a girl can dream – so I can’t really judge it on that benefit. The ingredient Alpha Lipoic Acid is supposed to help regulate sebum production which means excess oils, having dry skin I also didn’t notice a difference in that as I need oils however I can say it didn’t dry my skin out at all which was great.

You have to shake the bottle really well before using it as the ingredients separate within the bottle and they need to be mixed well before use. After doing this I would then apply the solution onto a cotton pad and apply it to my face, making sure that I concentrate on my T-zone. After using it, my skin instantly feels smooth and soft and surprisingly doesn’t feel tight. I then carry on with my normal skincare by applying a serum and moisturiser straight after.

I have to say I have noticed that some of my pores are less noticeable now. They haven’t disappeared completely and I doubt they ever will but I can definitely see a difference. Certain foundations used to sometimes sit in them and I’d have to keep an eye out all day but since using this solution I haven’t had a problem with that. My skin feels extra fresh when I use this, it feels as though I have removed every last bit of make-up/dirt from throughout the day and it feels great.

The bottle contains 118ml of product which is a decent amount however since using it day and night as I mentioned above, I only have less than a quarter left now so it really doesn’t last very long at all, and for £49.50 it’s a very pricey product to replace every two months. I would recommend it however as I feel it worked well for me but I don’t know if I will buy this once I run out, the price is putting me off.

Have you used this product or anything else from the Perricone MD range? What were your thoughts?


*PR sample