Lush Haagenbath Bath Bomb | Review

I picked up the Haagenbath bath bomb and mentioned it in my Boxing Day Sales haul and have just realised this particular bath bomb is only available online or in their Poole store. I used this one the other day and having a retro pink bath tub can be annoying as it means I can’t take accurate pictures of the colours in the water however whenever I’m staying at my Nan’s, I take full advantage of her white tub, so I apologise for no water pictures in this post.

Haagenbath is one of the larger sized bath bombs and has tiny pieces of luxury chocolate bath melt and shavings of cocoa butter in the mix. It smells strongly of chocolate mint and although I don’t like the flavour of chocolate mint, the smell is amazing and was so nice to have in the bath. It took a good 10 minutes to fizz away which is nice as some of their bath bombs are finished within a couple of minutes.

As it fizzed, it created a foamy white bath and looked really pretty and the water had a silky texture to it which left my skin feeling very moisturised and soft. The scent lingered in the air when I put it in the water but it wasn’t as strong which didn’t bother me as the faint armour was lovely and relaxing. I really enjoyed using this bath bomb and will definitely be buying it again in the future. I realised that this is the same bath bomb as their limited addition Christmas Fairy which came out at Christmas, both were lovely to use.

Have you tried the Haaggenbath bath bomb? What did you think of it?