Splurge VS Save | Part 1 – Make-up & Skincare

Whilst going through my stash recently I noticed I had an array of different products that were all different price ranges. I made notes of the different products from different categories that wowed me and what didn’t and decided that I would write a Splurge Vs Save post. There’s no doubt that we all find gems from the drug-store or our “Holy Grail” high-end product and so I wanted to write about the different categories and which I think different products fall in to. There will be two parts to this post so you don’t get bored of lots of reading, Part 1 – Make-up and Skincare and Part 2 – Nails and Haircare. First up…


Foundations  Splurge  Over the years I have tried foundation from nearly every drug-store brand and a few from high end brands, it’s safe to say that the higher end brands always impressed me where as drug-store for me were hit and miss. The one’s that impressed me; Laura Mericer Silk CrèmeChanel Vitalumiere AquaLancome Photogenic LumessenceDiorSkin Nude BB Crème and Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h. I’ve found that they all do what they say on the packaging and have really impressed me with their formula, finishes and longevity.

Lipsticks  Splurge  Lipsticks can be hard to categorise as Rimmel do some great lippies, however I found that MAC, YSL and Urban Decay definitely win it for me. I’d much rather save and splash out than buy numerous cheaper lipsticks that may work. I’ve found high-end last longer, are more nourishing for the lips and have a nicer formulation.

Mascaras  Save  I think it’s safe to say drug-store really know what they’re doing when it comes to mascaras. Unless you want to spend more on a YSL or Chanel mascara, I think Maybelline have cracked it. I love their mascaras, they have so much choice and regularly come out with a new one to try. Max Factor False Lash Effect is very popular amongst beauty enthusiasts, I’ve personally never tried it but I will once my lash stash is less. One’s to try: Maybelline The Rocket MascaraCovergirl Clump Crusher and Maybelline The Falsies.

Blusher  Save  Although MAC have some gorgeous lovely shades, not to mention a huge variety to chose from, cheaper end blushers are just as great. Elf have some pretty shades in different formulations; cream, mineral and powder and also Revlon have some lovely colours too, not forgetting Bourjois’ amazing cream blushers!

Concealers – Optional  It’s hard to say which category concealer falls under as I’ve found some great ones in both high-end and lower-ended brands. My favourites being; Rimmel Match Perfection concealerMAC Select Cover-upMAC Studio FinishYSL Touché Eclat and of course, the infamous Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. They have all worked brilliantly for my dark and dry under eyes and concealing pesky blemishes and redness so really that’s personal preference.

Brows  Optional  Again I think this section is personal preference too, brows are a prominent feature on the face, people like different looks and finishes. I personally like mine to be in proportion with my face and groomed. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil however I have found my Deborah Milano 24ore to do an amazing job at filling them in an staying put all day long.


Micellar Waters – Optional – As we all know, there’s so many different brands out there now that do all their own versions of micellar water. The most well known one has to be Bioderma however that is pretty pricey and if you’re using it every day like most people, you are going to run out pretty quickly. Cheaper options are L’oreal’s 3-in-1 Micellar WaterGariner Micellar Clensing Water and also B.Pure which is exclusive to Superdrug, they have one too. I love them for removing the last dregs of make-up for clean fresh skin.

Moisturisers – Save – After swearing by a high-end moisturiser for a couple of years, I always said I’d never sway from it, however after not being able to repurchase it, I settled for a cheaper high-street brand which has worked wonders. Some cheaper branded products are years in the making and really work, I now particularly love Garnier and Nivea for more affordable brands.

Serums – Splurge  Serums are made to work at the base layers of the skin as they are treating the new cells so it’s important to get the correct serum for you and it’s also worth the splurge. Most serums you don’t need a lot of so they should last you a pretty long time. A favourite personally and amongst beauty lovers is the YSL Youth Liberator Serum, it comes in different sizes and the larger sizes are expensive but it does the job amazingly well, leaves the skin super smooth and I still have over half left after using it for 2 months straight.

Eye Creams – Splurge  Since the eyes are the first place to show signs of ageing, it’s extremely important to look after that area. You also have to be very careful with products that you put near you eye area as it can be sensitive with certain products. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream is £31.00 for a tiny 15ml pot however it’s designed to keep your under-eye area hydrated and moisturised which in turn helps with ageing. It’s absorbed quickly and keeps your eyes fresh and hydrated for 24 hours.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of Splurge VS Save, don’t forget to check back for Part 2!