DIY | Memory Board

Image: Pinterest
The image above has been floating around Pinterest recently and I loved the idea of creating a holiday memory board. Instead of having all your holiday memoirs stashed away in a box, this idea lets you have them all on display and in a super cute way. At the moment Brent and I are currently looking into getting our own flat and thought these boards would look lovely in our new place. We’ve only been to Rome together so far so that’s what I started with but every holiday we have together, I will make one of these boards. So yesterday, I settled down and got cracking, it roughly took me about 6 hours to complete and this is definitely one of my most favourite DIY projects I’ve ever done. I thought I would write a post explaining everything I did but to be honest, it is pretty easy and straight forward. Now let the inner art-attack personality in you shine through….
What you will need
– Paper of any kind, I found lined easier to use.
– Pencil
– Ruler
– Scissors
– Blue-tack
– Glue
– Pictures and memoirs from your holiday
– A frame of your choice. Mine was 12×10 from Wilkinson for £5.00.
I didn’t want to rush into cutting up my photographs so I took the time to measure each letter out on lined paper. I made sure each letter was roughly the same size (you can see the O at the end resembles a donut though, they are hard to do!) And once I had stencilled out Rome and Italy all in capitals, I cut each letter out.

I chose to use our personal holiday photographs but you could even use a holiday brochure from that particular place. I then chose the picture I wanted on certain letters and blue-tacked the stencils onto the back of the photograph but make sure they are back to front, this is important because if you do it the other way, your photograph will be on the back of the letter.

Once all the letters are cut out, I blue-tacked them into place on the plain paper that came with the frame. Once I had the positioning I liked, I glued them all into place.

The next part is the fun bit, playing around with all the bits and bobs you picked up from your trip and positioning them into places that you like. I chose to use money, our Roma passes, our tickets into different sites, our hotel map of the city as it had the name of the hotel on as well and also our flight tags. Once all this is glued down tightly, pop it into your frame and you’re done.

I love this idea and can’t wait to do it with all my holiday bits and bobs and I can’t wait to put this up in our new home. Would you try this? If you do I’d love to see pictures of your re-creations, you can send them to my Twitter @Beauty18Claudia.