China Glaze – Aquadelic

I recently picked this China Glaze nail polish in the shade Aquadelic from Beauty Bay for £4.38 and was so excited to try it. I sat waiting patiently for my little box of goodies to arrive and when it finally did, I must say, I was disappointed with this shade in person.

Online it looks like a bright almost neon blue and when I googled swatches before buying it, it also looked like that but in fact, it’s just a slightly darker version of Essie Mint Candy Apple. I’m a tad annoyed that the swatches I saw online and on the site were very inaccurate because I was excited to wear a bright blue on my nails. In a certain light it does remind me of the Tiffany & Co blue however in reality it is just a mint green.

Although I was disappointed with the colour, I applied it straight to my nails that day anyway and was impressed with how nicely it applied. It didn’t appear streaky and only two coats were required for a lovely opaque finish. Ware time however was about a day and a half until the colour started to peel off in lumps which is not very good at all.

I have used China Glaze before and have loved them, I will be featuring the other polish soon that I got at the same time as this one and I really like it, and although the shade and formulation of Aquadelic left me disappointed, it hasn’t put me off trying more shades from them as a brand.

Have you tried any polishes from China Glaze? What’s your favourite shade?