Lush Shoot For The Stars

My sister bought me a couple of Lush products for Christmas and so I’m a bit late on the bandwagon with this one as it was a limited addition bath ballistic for Christmas but I still wanted to review Shoot For The Stars for you as it was so lovely to use. This bath bomb is one of their large sized ballistics which is blue and with a yellow star and purple swirls. I have a pink bath tub at home and since I was staying at my Grandmas over Christmas, I took full advantage of her white bath tub.

Shoot For The Stars has the same scent as their Honey I Washed The Kids soap which I haven’t used before but always heard that it was a lovely scent. It’s described as a honey-toffee fragrance and it smells beautiful. When I first popped it into the bath I noticed that it fizzes slower than most Lush bombs that I have used before. Other reviews I’ve seen, the water seemed to have turned straight to a dark purple colour however the water for me turned a lovely lilac colour at first and as the bomb fizzed away and melted, yellow and pink colours emerged and then gradually the water turned a lovely dark purple/navy shade. It looked just like a night’s sky and has very faint glitter particles and small pink edible stars, yes edible. I didn’t try them.

The sweet honey-toffee scent filled the bathroom and lingered on my skin for a little while however it wasn’t as strong as the scent of Luxury Lush Pud but lovely all the same and it made my skin feel very soft, smooth and moisturised.

I’m very happy with Shoot For The Stars and can’t wait to use it again as I picked another one up in the Lush sales. I really hope it will be available next year as well as I’d definitely buy it again.

Have you used Shoot For The Stars? What were your thoughts on it?