Nivea Lip Butters | Review

This review is so late it’s a bit embarrassing but I have an obscene amount of lip balms and therefore it takes me a while to try them all out properly but here it is! I picked up the Nivea Lip Butters in both Caramel Cream and Raspberry Rose as they both smell utterly amazing. The packaging is just a standard tin but these ones are flatter than the Vaseline ones and because they are a matte covering, the picture doesn’t chip away. I hate how the Vaseline tins look a little worse for wear after they’ve been in your handbag for a while, so overall for packaging, I much prefer these. Being lip butters, they are far thicker and creamier in consistency as opposed to other lip balms such as the Maybelline Babylips.

Caramel Cream – The scent of this one makes me want to eat it all up, it smells just like caramel, sweet and extremely yummy. The formulation is thick and creamy and soaks in really well. It leaves my lips feeling so soft and smooth and even after applying it, I can still smell the caramel. I love to use this one after using a lip scrub as I find it’s more of a deep moisturising lip balm and it’s lovely at night too.

Raspberry Rose – This one smells amazing too, a sweet raspberry scent but it has a slightly thicker consistency and this one tends to clog up on my lips. I’ve even tried to use it sparingly but it always seems to be too much. I’ve also noticed that when applied, this one leaves a strange pink gloss to my lips, not a subtle look, it’s a bright pale pink covering and looks as though I have toothpaste on my lips. 

If I were to repurchase them again, I would only buy the Caramel Cream one again as I personally don’t like the other one and because of the strange pink residue on my lips, I don’t even know if it hydrates my lips as it never stays on long enough to do it’s job. They are available from Boots and Superdrug and I bought mine for £2.25 each from Superdrug, a complete bargain if you ask me. There’s also an Original version available however I like my lip balms to be a bit more adventurous and prefer mine to have a tint/scent to them.

Have you tried the Nivea Lip Butters? What are your thoughts on them?