Label M | Jean-Pierre Braganza Gift Set

Recently I was very kindly sent some shampoo and conditioner to try from the Label M line. I was very grateful to try these as they sounded lovely in the description and I have wanted to try their products for a while now. I was sent the Treatment Shampoo* and Moisturising Conditioner* in a gift set. Some of the sets available at the moment are in partnership with Jean-Pierre Braganza, a fashion designer, and he designed the funky geometric print that’s on the boxes and also on the beautiful clutch bag.* Both products claim to have formulas that protect your hair against UV rays and heat which is very useful for the amount of styling I do now. I’ve been using both hair products for about 2 or more weeks now and thought it’s about time I shared my thoughts about them.

Both products come in tall sleek packaging which I like as having it tall makes it easier to store whereas smaller and fatter products take up more room. 300ml holds a lot, however like most people, I run out of shampoo about 5x quicker than my conditioner but that’s the same with everything. The packaging of the box was really nicely presented too with a pretty black ribbon around the box and making a bow on the lid.

Label M Treatment Shampoo* | 300ml – The first thing I noticed about this shampoo was the scent, it smells to me like chlorine. You know that smell when you’ve had a shower after swimming and the chlorine scent is still lingering? Smells like that to me so I’m quite disappointed as it’s really not nice. The actual product itself is okay. It’s not an amazing shampoo, it does the job and although it states to be a light treatment for chemically or coloured hair, I haven’t noticed a difference in my hair colour. I will say that it is nice and lightweight, my hair doesn’t feel slimy or dry, it just feels nice and clean. It’s a shame about the scent.

Label M Moisturising Conditioner* | 300ml – After the oddly scented shampoo, it was a relief when I had a whiff of the conditioner and it smelt slightly fruity. The smell isn’t over powering at all though, it’s just a light smell which is nice. The product itself says to leave it in for one minute and it’s aimed at dehydrated or damaged hair so I couldn’t wait to try it. I leave it on for one minute sometimes but to be honest it does a great job if I just wash it in and out. It leaves the ends of my hair really smooth and soft and makes combing my hair so much easier.

I’m impressed and happy with the conditioner however I’d give the shampoo a miss. The clutch is beautiful and I can’t wait to use it at Christmas time. It’s quite big and flat and has a lovely tassel zip. I love the print design and the gold zip, it’s really pretty.

If you fancy taking a look at this gift set you can so here for £18.50 and any of the other products or anything else you can do at Label.M. Have you tried anything from this line? What are your thoughts?