New Hair

I’m really bad when it comes to hairdressers, I just never go. I usually have about 2 haircuts a year, shocking I know. Anyway I previously had really long hair, I’ve never had it that length in my life but I liked it, I chose to copy Nina Dobrev’s hair in The Vampire Diaries by having it really long and all one length and then I decided to dye it a pinky/purple colour which you can see in my Change is Good post. That grew out and I was left with shocking roots and very long locks. Styling started to become a pain as my curls would fall out, the curling wand I used wasn’t big enough as I had to curl each section of hair at three different lengths because it was so long, I also had to keep buying two hair dyes every time I wanted to do my hair colour again, expensive. It was time for a change.

Brent’s mum is a hairdresser and kindly said she would cut it for me. At first I said a couple of inches but then changed my mind and said to cut it to where it’s healthiest and this is the length I got. I haven’t had this short since I was about 14 so it’s such a nice change. It now has shape to it as it’s now feathered at the front and has layers in it. I also dyed it all one colour using my old faithful, L’oreal Casting Creme Gloss in the shade Iced Truffle and this is pretty much what my natural hair colour looks like so it’s a great match.

I’m so happy I decided to have the chop, it’s now healthy again and feels so soft to touch. No more jagged split ends. I can’t wait to start styling it in cute medium length hair styles, I’ve already started adding pictures like mad on my Pinterest to use as inspiration. After seeing Brittany’s Fancy Pony hair post, I knew I wanted shorter hair again. I’ve already decided that next S/S I’m going to have a professional ombre done and then I’ll do fancy colours in it too! Can’t wait.

 So, what do you think? Do you prefer my hair longer or shorter?