Book Review – Tess Gerritsen – Vanish

Hi beauties and bookworms! Another Tess Gerritsen review for you all! I know, I should read something else but her books are just so good! I haven’t been let down by any of them yet and I own every book she’s ever written. I’ve always been a bookworm, I don’t understand people who say they don’t read at all or have never read a full book since school, it baffles me! 
Anyway, today’s book is called Vanish and it’s another in the Rizzoli & Isles series and it’s quite a tension filled one! The book jumps from Rizzoli & Isles to the other girl in the book and then works backwards in a way to unfold the story. It starts with a women being brought into the hospital morgue but then waking up. It’s filled with tension and guessing and there’s always a twist. I would definitely read this one again, I would all her books. Because Tess used to be a Doctor, her attention to detail is incredible and if you’re like me, you find it all very interesting and fascinating. What I like most about her books is that nothing is drawn out too long. Questions arise, you wonder what will happen next and then a couple of pages later, Bam! that question is revealed whilst another starts to unfold. It’s so clever. I highly recommend giving her books a read if you haven’t already.
Who’s your favourite author?