L’oreal Gentle Eye Make-up Remover | Review

After all the hype around micellar waters and trying a couple of different brands, I discovered the L’oreal Skin Perfecting Water and really liked it, then browsing in Boots recently, I saw that they did two different eye make-up removers too, Absolute Make-Up Remover Eye & Lip and the one I will be reviewing today, Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover. I usually would have chosen the Absolute one but since Brent was paying I opted for the cheaper one at £3.49, the other one costing £5.49, every little helps.

I had high hopes, I’m not sure why and although the bottle is the awkward shape that makes you dribble it everywhere when pouring, I do like the packaging. It says it’s suitable for sensitive eyes which I sometimes suffer with and generally thought it would work. 

Come the first use, I was trying to remove my Benefit They’re Real! mascara and wasn’t having any luck what so ever. I left it on my eyelid to soak hoping that would do the trick, but no. I put it down to this one not working on waterproof products at all, which is why there’s the more expensive version that does say it removes waterproof…der Claudia…

I decided I would try it on normal mascara and normal eye make-up and see if it was any better, well, it takes a lot of tugging and pulling and multiple cotton pads. It just doesn’t seem to remove any eye make-up effectively at all. Even when I swatch an eyeshadow on the back of my hand it just makes my hand wet without removing any product. I’m so disappointed in this product and will not be purchasing it again. It’s just a waste of money, but I will definitely be trying the waterproof version next to see if that actually works. Sometimes it does pay off to spend that little bit extra and get something of better quality. 

Sorry this post turned into a moan but I believe strongly in reviewing products good or bad quality and giving you my honest opinion, stay away from this one and try something else.

Have you tried this eye make-up remover? Did it work for you?