I Heart London – Book Review – Lindsey Kelk

I’ve raved about Lindsey Kelk and her “I Heart” series before in My Book Collection post but I still wanted to do a little review on the last one that I read. I took I Heart London on holiday with me to the Dominican Republic knowing it would cheer me up and make me laugh, I was completely right however the only downside was that I had finished it by the third day of my holiday and was this close *holds up fingers an inch apart* at reading it again.

This one is about Angela going back to London with her boyfriend Alex and sorting out a wedding and as usual it was hysterical. Whilst reading it on the sun lounger by the pool, I was laughing out loud and getting some interesting stares but I didn’t care because they are just so funny. I love the way Lindsey writes, her books always cheer me up and make me happy. I feel as though I’m actually friends with the characters too and when I feel like that, I know a book is written well.

I don’t know if Lindsey will be writing any more books within the I Heart series however I know she has just come out with a new book called About a Girl and I can not wait to read it. I bought it about an hour after finding out it had been released. Super fan right there.

If you like her books I definitely recommend following her on Twitter @Lindseykelk even her tweets have me in hysterics!

Have you read any of Lindsey Kelk’s books? What do you think of them?