Lush Golden Wonder – Review

Hello lovelies! Today I’m bringing you another review, Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. I haven’t done a Lush review in months and months, probably since last Christmas I think. Shocking! Anyway, I’m more of a shower girl, definitely prefer a shower than stewing in my own filth…not saying I’m disgustingly dirty but you know what I mean, which is why after I used this product in the bath and sat there for 10 minutes, I then proceeded into having a shower too. Weird, I know.


The Lush Golden Wonder is a bath bomb/ballistic and is a lovely lovely one, I must say. Whenever I pass a Lush I always have to go in and since their Christmas line was out, yes I had to get some. I bought this one because it was enormous and it rattled like a real present! I’d heard about this one before and wanted to try it myself.

Before you put it in water, the outside has a pretty white bow shape on the top and the orange present has gold glitter covering it. Which got everywhere whilst picturing I might add. As soon as I dropped it into the water, it started it’s slow fizz. As it says on the website, this isn’t for a quick bath as you want to see the wonders that unfolds before you. Each layer has something new apparently, and indeed Lush, you were right. The first thing I noticed were the pretty little gold stars floating in the water. Then once that layer had past, there was this gorgeous turquoise green colour that then melted into bright purple and blues and yellows. I thought I was starring at an exploding rainbow. It was so pretty! The white bow was the last piece left but once everything has finished doing it’s fizzy business, I was left with gorgeous green, bluey bath water with gold stars. But do not fear, the stars are also dissolvable so there isn’t any messy business to clean out afterwards. Once all the water had gone, the bath was left a pretty gold sparkly mess where the fine gold dust from the outside had settled but that was easily sorted after giving it a little wipe over with water.

The smell was divine and on the Lush website it says it’s the same scent as Snowshowers shower jelly. I had never smelt that before so to me it smelt all fresh and orangey and was so moisturising to my skin whilst in the bath. Maybe that’s the cognac oil?

This bath bomb retails at £3.25 which sounds a lot but is so worth it. You can buy it from the Lush website here.

Have you used Golden Wonder before? What are your thoughts on it?