Books That Will Help You Get Your Shit Together in 2017

Books That Will Help You Get Your Shit Together in 2017

It's a new year so why not work on a new version of yourself, no one needs to make drastic changes here but a more organised, stress-free version of myself sounds brilliant to me. Getting stressy over small things such as having arguments over chicken or how to cut carrots properly are situations t[...]
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Books That Will Help You Get Your Shit Together in 2017

Self-Employed? Let’s Talk Tax Return & Tips

Being self-employed is a great feeling, nothing beats being your own boss, however like most things it also has it's set backs and having to take care of your own tax is one of them. If you're not prepared and organised it can end up getting on top of you or worse, you could forget about it and end up with a hefty fine. I used to dread having to do my tax but now I've done it a couple of times I feel b[...]

How I Edit My Blog Photos

Over the years my photography has grown an awful lot. Gone are the days of balancing a hair product on a bed frame and shooting with my iPhone 3GS in a dark room. Although I still don't know the in's and out's of my cameras fully, I have learnt to use them in a way that suit me. This year I do hope to get to grips with my cameras properly and until then I will holding off on reviewing my Olympus Pen E-[...]

Planner Flick Through

Ever since I bought an Erin Condren Life Planner last summer I have been so organised and I keep to my schedule so much better now. A big part of having the EC planner is decorating it inside, obviously this isn't a must by any means but when Elle Fowler started filming 'Plan With Me' videos I got hooked and was dying to decorate my planner the same way. I will throw it out there now, this is an exp[...]